The classical singing technique is an important foundation for learning to sing all genres. Regardless of genre, the human voice, obeys the same anatomical and biological ‘rules’ and limitations. There are safe and unsafe methods for using the voice. And not all genres are safe for everyone! Welcome to my homepage.


I am a singing teacher of the classical technique. The Bel Canto method has been used for hundreds of years by opera singers. This method is suitable for Western opera, choral singing, musical theatre, pop, and speech.


I am also an instrumentalist (double bass, guitar, piano), a trained dancer (classical ballet, jazz ballet, Argentinian Tango, Salsa, Lindy Hop, and a disco enthusiast in my days), an actor, a practising sports masseur and a Sports Science graduate.


With my varied background, I am able to integrate physiological aspects of skills training, human biological elements, and concepts from other performance arts, into my singing instruction. Principles of Alexander Technique* will also be incorporated in your learning journey.


*(In a nutshell, Alexander Technique is the principle of performing any task with physical efficiency.)


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